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About Us - Things to see and do in Waiheke Island

Waiheke is the second largest island in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand. A year-round haven of sunny weather and exciting activities, this small patch of land has been voted the 5th most attractive tourist destination in 2016. Visitors who choose to spend their holidays here can have their pick from a wide range of pastimes that include popular sports, wine circuits and nature tours.


The greatest beaches on the island

Waiheke is very popular for its golden-sand beaches. Tourists who come here by ferry or by plane usually choose one of the many accommodations located close to the scenic seaside. The most populated areas are located in the North of the island, where long strips of sand like Oneroa Beach, Onetangi Beach and Shelly Beach get the best sun treatment and the least days of rain per year.

If you want to sunbathe in a more secluded location, you can go to the Palm Beach on the east side of the island. The most isolated beach on Waiheke Island is Cactus Bay, a waterfront that is only accessible by kayak or by boat and the ideal location for a romantic picnic. For watersports lovers, the ideal destination would be Blackpool Beach, perfect for windsurfing and snorkeling.


Waiheke cultural activities

This particular destination is one of New Zealand’s richest cultural districts. The locals take part in a wide range of cultural activities like theatre, music concerts and cinema. The evolution of this island as an inspirational paradise for writers explains the recent inauguration of the local library, which had a completion cost of $6million.

New Zealand wine tours

Similar to other New Zealand districts, Waiheke Island is a natural destination for wine lovers. The climate conditions and quality of the soil aid to the production of delicious assortments. Millions of tourists embark every year on wine tours that take them to as much as 30 different wineries across the island.